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Being the leading Sawmill machinery supplier in the UK we at Söderhamn Eriksson Ltd believe that we have the right solution to all your needs, whatever they are; from a single machine to a complete installation, including full turn key solutions.
Upgrade News
During the last few years electronics have leapt forward enormously and thus support, both for service and spares has dwindled away for old systems. This includes the control system for setting the reducer heads on canters and the blades on bandsaws.
A lot of sawmills have a control box near the machine that contains "thumb wheels" for adjusting the settings these are now pretty old and can easily be adjusted incorrectly.

Due to the service and spare parts issues, to name but two reasons, we at Söderhamn Eriksson have designed a new system that is right up to date with current technology. Our new system is called "Servopos 3". This is easily retrofitted with minimal work required – very easily installed and commissioned over a weekend. Servopos 3 comes complete with a control box that is placed, as before, near the machines to be controlled. However, position adjustments are no longer done via mechanical thumb wheels. Adjustments are made via a PC and/or a "Wireless mobile Touchpad". The Touchpad in particular is very user friendly. It enables the user to be "anywhere" in the sawmill and still be able to make adjustments to the machines - no matter what size your mill is one Touchpad will be loaded with our Windows based program so that "all" bandsaw/reducer groups can be adjusted! No longer do you have to be stood next to the machine in question fiddling with thumb wheels - Welcome to the 21st Century!

Servopos 3 has been on test in sawmills for some time now and the results are fantastic. Using both digital and Windows technology rather than analogue means Servopos 3 is not only right up to date but also fast reacting, robust and very easy to use. You can also be sure that we at Söderhamn Eriksson will be constantly developing the system, just as we do with all our products to further enhance sawmills' capabilities.

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Press Release Taylormade Timber Products Ltd order New Optimiser!
Söderhamn Eriksson are very happy to announce that we have received an order from Taylormade Timber Products Ltd for a new "Edgar" High Speed Optimising Edger line for their sawmill near Durham. As part of the total order their existing edger will be upgraded at the same time.

Taylormade are a major producer of sawn timber in the UK. Darren Oldham, Managing Director of Söderhamn Eriksson Ltd said "It is good news given the times we are in to see that such an important production company and employer in the timber industry are not standing still and are looking positively to the future."

Jilly Wentworth, Taylormade's Managing Director commented that "This important investment is part of a significant expansion of the Sherburn sawmill that will see annual production reach 185,000m3. " Jilly added, "We already have an "Edgar" edger optimiser from Söderhamn Eriksson that we have been delighted with. It has proven to be a great investment and served us very well. We are very happy with Soderhamn Eriksson and their continuing investment in new technology and are pleased to be able to take this opportunity to upgrade the existing Edgar to incorporate the improvements that are such an important feature of the new "Edgar"
Delivery and installation will take place in the first half of 2012.

"Edgar" is just one of Söderhamn Eriksson's edger lines. We also produce Millomatic and Exceltec edgers providing board counts of between 37 – 70 pieces per minute.

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Cambio Debarker

In June Söderhamn Eriksson had a stand at Ligna 2011… ever ! However this year was a special occasion where we celebrated 60 years of manufacturing Cambio debarkers. On the stand we had a very special machine – the 6500th debarker with a very “special” paint job!

The black and gold colours are reminiscent of the “John Player Special” Formula 1 car from the ‘70’s and 80’s. This created an enormous amount of interest, and so we have been informed, was the most photographed machine at the whole show !
The Cambio has been constantly developed over the years making it even more robust and reliable than ever.

Besides the Cambio we also showcased our Sawmaster bandsaws. These are big, heavy, accurate and fast bandsaws – band speed is 65m/min and the feed speed is 125m/min. Fitted to the Sawmaster we had our CAR™ feedworks. These are a special design increasing accuracy and yield.

The show overall was very busy for SE and now the hard work begins following up all the enquiries we have!

AKE Sawmaster
combi disc

Söderhamn Eriksson Ltd have been providing the UK sawmilling industry with the highest quality machinery and service for well over 25 years. Our dedicated team will always strive to ensure that the highest levels of customer service on which our reputation is built on is maintained.

Our after sales department will provide you with all the back up to you need to ensure that you will always get the optimum performance from your machinery.

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